Kaela Chingwa Becoming Stud Volleyball Player For The North Branch Broncos Team.

Kaela Chingwa is becoming a stud Volleyball Player for the 2021 North Branch Broncos Volleyball Team as a Sophomore. Head Coach Jim Fish said to me about Kaela Chingwa is going to be unbelievable in this program. Jim is right on that one. Her improvements has come along nicely in 2020 to 2021. Made a nice jump from Freshman to Sophomore already now. Jim is happy to have Kaela on the squad anyways. Showing me good impression in the Division 2 Pre-District Volleyball Game on Monday Night against the Ortonville-Brandon Blackhawks at North Branch HS. Part of a Special 2024 Class right now. Even better in the next 2 years. Good Volleyball Skills. Built for that sport. Good hand & eye coordination on display too. Put on a good showcase for me & everyone else too. Good Volleyball Player……..

Go 2021 North Branch Broncos Volleyball Team Class Of 2024 Kaela Chingwa……….

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