Look Out For The 2022 Detroit Tigers Baseball Team……

2022 Detroit Tigers Baseball Team is going to be a much better team then it was in 2021. They won 77 games on the schedule in 2021. AJ Hinch will have a over .500 Ball Club in 2022. With the signing of Javy Baez in the off-season. Good prospects we will see on the roster. Will pay dividends this coming season at Comerica Park in Detroit. Will be in contention for the American League Central Division Title as well too. All started with Ron Gardenhire did in 2018-20. He did a good job in the Rebuilding Department in his 3 years at the helm. AJ Hinch has kept it going for more anyways. AJ is really good with the young guys as well too. Lots of young talent on this Ball Club in the Prospects they got in store now in Detroit. Heading in the right direction now. Taking nice strides for this unit AJ is got now. AJ is a good Baseball minded guy overall. Look out for this Ball Club in 2022 on down now……. Complete package in store for us to compete for a World Series Title in the future years ahead of us in Detroit. Won a World Series Title in 2017 with the Houston Astros Baseball Team as Manager. Got the Pitching & Hitting on display now in Detroit. Started with Ron Gardenhire got them playing good competitive Baseball in 2020 on that 60 game schedule they played that season with the COVID-19 started on March 9th, 2020. Played there 162 regular season games in 2021…….

Go 2022 Detroit Tigers Baseball Everyone……….

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