Kyle Sweeney Guide The Ubly Bearcats Boys Basketball Team To A Road Victory On Friday Night…….


Kyle Sweeney guide the Ubly Bearcats Boys Basketball Team to a road victory over the Brown City Green Devils on Friday Night 38-36 in GTCE Division Action. Finish the game on a 10-2 run. Kyle hit 2 GW Free Throws at the end of the game. Head Coach Branden Sorenson is happy to have him on the roster. Good Senior Leadership Skills in all 3 sports he plays out there too. Football, Basketball, & Baseball. Loves to play Offense, Defense, & all of that one too. Good mindset of that one on display now. Dedicated individual guy overall. Good mindset of that one on display now. Defending GTCE Division Champions. Lose to the Memphis Yellowjackets in 2OT on Wednesday Night at home. Bounce from that one nicely indeed. Did a good job Guarding Curtis Stanley late in the game. Got outta here with a road victory on Friday Night. Gotta win at home & steal win games on the road too. Helping out the young ones on the team & program also too. Dedicated individual guy year round in sports. Good in the classroom as well too. Congratulations on your performance on Friday Night at Brown City HS. Michigan Wolverines Sports Fan too.


Go Blue & Ubly Bearcats Class Of 2022 Kyle Sweeney………………

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