Kurt Long Has Done A Remarkable Job As CPS Tigers Girls Basketball Head Coach.


Kurt Long did a fabulous job as Head Coach for the CPS Tigers Girls Basketball Team in the 2021-22 campaign. Guide them to a NCTL Stripes Division Championship Title on Thursday Night against the Akron-Fairgrove Vikings at Akron-Fairgrove HS. Been working at CPS HS as a Physical Education Teacher in the last few years at the helm. Translated much better on the girls side of things better than the Boys Side of things. Lot of good players he had as a Head Coach on Varsity for the Sandusky Redskins Boys Basketball Team in 2003-09. Won 2 Class C District Championship Titles in 2006 & 2007. Never reach potential like he wanted to the most. Reminds me of Jim Zieman was with the North Branch Broncos as a Boys & Girls Head Coach in the past years. Translated better on the Girls Side of things anyways then on the Boys Side of things. Doing a lot better now for his 2nd chance he getting in now. Making the most out of that opportunity he is bringing in now. Making much better decisions about stuff then he did before. Girls like playing for Kurt Long already now in CPS. Knows his Basketball very well. Understand that one also too. John Guttowsky, Wayne Roberts, Al DeMott, & Doug Muxlow is proud of what Kurt Long has done already now in progress. Great season to remember for a long time coming up in the future years ahead of them. Last time they won a League Title was in 1983…….


Go CPS Tigers Girls Basketball Team Head Coach Kurt Long. Did A Fantastic Job With The Team They Got Now In Store Now….. Districts On Monday Night At CPS HS………

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