Jonathan Quick & The Los Angeles Kings Got A Victory Over The Chicago Blackhawks At The Staples Center In Los Angeles.


Jonathan Quick allowed 1 goal in the road victory over the Chicago Blackhawks on Thursday Night at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Got a 4-1 victory in front of home crowd. 8th straight Stanley Cup Playoff Appearances also too. Anze Kopitar is a good captain for this Franchise right now in Los Angeles. I made a good bet on that contest on the money line department on Bovada. I betted Los Angeles to win that game. Smart bet also too. There 42-27-10 on the season now. 3 regular season games left for this unit. Then the 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs arrives in time for this unit too. Chicago has been rebuilding for the last 5 years already now in progress. Andreas Athanasiou is a nice addition to this roster now. Played for the Detroit Red Wings & Edmonton Oilers before arriving to the Los Angeles Kings in the NHL. Won 2 Stanley Cup Titles in 2012 & 2014. Become the 1st No. 8 Seed to win a Stanley Cup Finals ever in the NHL against the New Jersey Devils swept them in 4 games in the 2012 Stanley Cup Finals. Won there 2nd Stanley Cup Title in the 2014 Stanley Cup Finals at home against the New York Rangers celebrate with the fans & stayed for that one too. Went to another one in the 1993 Stanley Cup Finals they had Head Coach Barry Melrose & Wayne Gretzky on that roster & lose to the Montreal Canadians with Goalie Patrick Roy & company. Couldn’t score on Patrick Roy at all in that 1993 Stanley Cup Finals. Good NHL Tradition in Los Angeles right now. They love there Hockey down too. Good home victory against the Chicago Blackhawks 4-1 Late Thursday Night at The Staples Center in Los Angeles.



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