Jacob Purman Took Over For The 2022 Reese Rockets Baseball Team As Head Coach……..


Jacob Purman took over for the Legendary Head Coach Dave Elliott for the 2022 Reese Rockets Baseball Team. Players love playing for Jacob while he was the Head Coach on JV in the past years at Reese. 2012 Reese HS Graduated. Loves this Game of Baseball. Grew playing this sport while he was a child growing up in the past years. Wanted to be a Head Coach after his playing days where over. Got his wish of being the Head Coach now. Got Matt Sahr there helping out Jacob in the program now as a Varsity Assistant Coach. Helps out the Pitching Staff for this unit too. Good Baseball Knowledges & understands the game very well. Nice addition to the Varsity Level. Knows what it takes for them to succeed in the long road ahead of them. Nice core of Veterans & Youth on Varsity in 2022. Smart individual guy. Dedicated at this sport. Build them to winners in the upcoming years. Go from one awesome to another awesome guy in store now at Reese. Impressive stuff I like from Jacob Purman in the 1st glances of him covering his Baseball Games as a Head Coach.



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