Aaron Meinhold & Wayne Turmell Have Good Relationships For The Bad Axe Hatchets ⚾ Team In 1996 & 1997…..


Aaron Meinhold & Wayne Turmell have really good relationships with one another for the Bad Axe Hatchets ⚾ Team in 1996 & 1997. Got the privilege to play for the Legendary HS ⚾ Head Coach in his days in HS. Aaron was a Freshman on the JV ⚾ Team in 1994. Good squad on Varsity in the Class of 1994. Shaun Grayerbiehl, Brian Curtis, & other ones too. Good core of talent & worked together as a team. Won the Blue Bay Conference Title in the regular season & Class C District Champions & get upset by the Memphis Yellowjackets in the Class C Regional Semifinal Game in Marlette. Aaron played Brian Naeztel & company in the Class of 1997 at Bad Axe HS. Class of 1998 was a good group of players on that squad. Travis Osentoski, Todd Walker, & other ones too. Won the GTCW Division Championship Title in the regular season & Division 3 District Champions & won a Regional Semifinal Game against the Brown City Green Devils & lose to the host team in the Regional Championship Game & went on to be Division 3 State Runner-Up Saginaw Nouvel Catholic Central Panthers at there place. 2000 was a good squad also too. Won the Share of the GTCW Division Title with the Reese Rockets. Division 3 District & Regional Championship Titles, won the Quarterfinals, & lose to Blissfield in the Division 3 Semifinals at Bailey Park in Battle Creek. Blissfield went on to be Division 3 State Champions in 2000. Wayne went to the Division 3 District Championship Game at his HS ⚾ Field they name after him Turmell Field in Bad Axe HS on Saturday. Wayne was impressed with Aaron’s Son Griffin in the Division 3 District Championship against the Sandusky Redskins. Got the victory in front of your home crowd 8-5. Wayne & Aaron play Golf together at Verona Hills ⛳ Course in Bad Axe. Share lots of good memories in the past years. Got my chance to see Wayne Turmell after the game was over. Awesome guy to talk to these & true gentleman & class act individual guy overall. Well liked by everyone in the Bad Axe Community. Aaron got the privilege to play for a guy like Wayne Turmell. Made him a special guy. Work together as a team & not like individuals. Team comes 1st & other things follow up with that category. Wayne Turmell & Aaron Meinhold are excellent guys to talk to wherever you go to now. They are there for everyone else in Bad Axe. Have a good mindset of stuff they need to get done at all-times. Be a Coach 1st & Friend 2nd. You ever see those 2 guys in the future & they will be there for you whenever you get to see them at a sporting event or somewhere else you see them at too. Both of them are Detroit Tigers ⚾ Fans…..


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