Paul Adams & Ashley (Wehner) Palmer Are Doing Very Well For Themselves With The COVID-19 Going On Now Still.

Paul Adams is doing very well for himself during the COVID-19 effect going on now still. Very good Sports Photographer when he worked at the Huron Daily Tribune in the past years. Now he is working at the Huron Daily View right now as a Sports Editor. Went to North Huron HS & Graduated in 1995. Went to Central Michigan University in Mt. Pleasant. Got his Degree. Living in Bad Axe right now. Loves to play Golf & also runs the TSA stuff with the Football, Volleyball, Girls & Boys Basketball Stuff. Watch the Big GTCW Division Girls Basketball Championship Game at Reese HS on February 18th Caro Tigers vs Reese Rockets. Caro destroyed Reese on there home floor that night. Jay Riley got his Girls Team ready to go in that one. Won the GTCW Division Title in the 2019-20 season. Caro Won The Girls Basketball Team Of The Year Award In The 2019-20 For The TSA. Went 18-3 Overall Record. Jay Riley Won TSA Girls Basketball Coach Of The Year Award. Adelyn Moore Won TSA Player Of The Year Award & Becoming The 1st Freshman To Win That Honor. Paul is staying busy during this time being & covering High School Sporting Practices with the COVID-19 going on now for the Fall Sports. Staying active & doing some things right now. Instead of sitting around at home doing nothing. Michigan Wolverines Sports Fan.

Ashley (Wehner) Palmer is staying active now. Owns her Photography Business. She cover High School Sporting Events with the Harbor Beach Pirates & some of the other ones too. 2002 Harbor Beach HS Graduated. Duke Blue Devils Basketball Fan & Mike Krzyzewski Fan As Head Coach In College Basketball. Clemson Tigers Football Fan. Happy to see them beat the Ohio State Buckeyes in the Fiesta Bowl Game in the College Football Playoff Semifinal Game in Tempe, AZ on December 29th, 2019. Also saw them beat Urban Meyer & Nick Saban in the same season in the 2016-17 College Football Playoff Games. Shutout the Ohio State Buckeyes 31-0 in the Fiesta Bowl Game on New Years Eve in Tempe, AZ. Deshaun Watson end his career the right way beating the Alabama Crimson Tide in the College Football Playoff National Championship Game at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL on January 9th, 2017. Deshaun Watson is doing very well at QB for the Houston Texans for Head Coach Bill O’Brien in the NFL. Saw other Clemson Tigers Football Players doing very well in the NFL these days of ages now. Dabo Swinney Fan as a College Football Head Coach. Does very well for herself & staying active during this COVID-19 going on now still. She is a Hard Working Individual. They upset the Cass City Red Hawks in Girls Basketball in 2001 at the Class C District Championship Game at Harbor Beach HS in Ashley’s Senior Season in High School. Cass City was legit that season in 2001. Harbor Beach had other ideas to upset the Cass City Red Hawks that night on your home court. Never want to talk about the Reese Game in 2001 in the Division 6 District Championship Game at Reese HS. Harbor Beach should’ve won that game against the undefeated Reese Rockets in Football. Players would tell you that one too.

Paul Adams & Ashley (Wehner) Palmer are doing very well for themselves during this tough times we are in now. They working hard on there jobs & Handled this like a professional. They are good friends with Eddie Fury also too. Keep doing your thing & push yourself to be the best you can be good at now. Handle your business & do it in a right matter.

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