Chris Zielinski Does A Lot Of Coaching For The Cros-Lex Pioneers Football Team……..


Chris Zielinski does a lot of Coaching for the Cros-Lex Pioneers Football Team on a year in & year out basis. Players love playing for Chris Zielinski. Knows what he is talking about out there. Has a good mindset of things. Ran the show when Jason VanDerMaas was the Head Coach in 2002-06 & 2008-12. With Ron Huepenbecker in 1995, Joe Kegolvitz in 1996-2000, Sean Adams in 2001, Pat Connell in 2007, Garrett Grundman in 2016-19, & Head Coach in 2013-14. Now with Mike LeGrow in 2020-present. Doesn’t play favorites at all. Hates playing favorites. Plays guys with your talents & skills. Does the Weightlifting stuff in the winter time. Him & Michael Sheridan do very well together as a team. Saw good results in the last 2 years. 2021 BWAC Conference & Division 4 District Champions. Chris is a good Football guy. John Blankenship, Bill Brown, Scott “Bubba” Goins, Don Smeznik Jr & Sr, Troy Schelke, Bill Sweeney, Jeremy Ferman, & other ones too. Brings that good intensity, excitement & other ones. You want Chris Zielinski in the Football Program. 1989 Cros-Lex HS Graduated. Football is his passion. Lives & Dies on that sport. Knows what it takes you to be successful down the road. Good respect to a lot of people in the community. Not being your friend he is there to be your coach. Go for the drive for it all. Don’t matter who you are. Gotta work at this sport year round in the weight room & also on the football field in practices & games. Tough individual guy overall. Strong dude. Hard core guy you want in the program on a year in & year out basis……..



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