Josh Allen & Buffalo Bills Got A Nice “W” Over The Super Bowl LVI Champions Los Angeles Rams At So-Fi Stadium In Los Angeles….


QB Josh Allen & Buffalo Bills got a good “W” over the Super Bowl LVI Champions Los Angeles Rams at So-Fi Stadium in Los Angeles on Thursday Night 🏈 on NBC. 363 Total Yards & 4 Total TD’s, 26/31 Passing Yards, 67 Rushing Yards, & 2 INT’s. Defense got the job done over a good Rams Offense on the road on Opening Night on the road. Gotta steal games on the road don’t matter what sport it is out there. Gotta be ready to play in time. Held Matthew Stafford in check. Force 2 INT’s in critical times of the game & 4th & Goal late in the contest. DC Leslie Frazier called a good game on Defense Head Coach Sean McDermott came here to play a good opponent like the Los Angeles Rams 🏈 Team in the NFL opener right away in Los Angeles. Play the game you loved to play while you were a child growing up in school. Never easy to win games on the road in sports at any level you played in. Kept there composure thru the game. Make a statement for everyone else in the NFL. Los Angeles Rams will win a lot of games this year. Sean McVay is a good NFL Head Coach. Good start right away for the Buffalo Bills 🏈 Team in Orchard Park, New York. They are a force to be reckoned with all season long. Did a good job with that one & good business trip for the players & coaches. Stay together as a team. Did that one. Los Angeles Rams is a good unit. Buffalo showed them they can play with these guys all game long. Both of them where in the playoffs a year ago.



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