Gradey Dick Has Been Unbelievable For The Kansas Jayhawks 🏀 Team….


Gradey Dick has been unbelievable for the Kansas Jayhawks 🏀 Team in Lawrence. Head Coach Bill Self has been impressed with Gradey has done for this roster early on in the season. Defending National Champions. Making plays for this unit anyways. Make things interesting for everyone else on the roster. He is my new favorite player now in College 🏀. Does it all for everyone else on the team. Undefeated right now. Get a victory over the Duke Blue Devils in the State Farm Classic 🏀 Game last week in Indianapolis 69-63. He is a difference maker for this squad to have success this year. They do it on a year in & year out basis. Kansas Jayhawks 🏀 Team is the real deal once again now in Lawrence…….



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