Miguel Cabrera Passed Tony Gwynn & Robin Yount For 19th Place On The All-Time MLB Hits List…..

Miguel Cabrera passed Tony Gwynn on Tuesday Night. Passed Robin Yount on Wednesday Night. Got 3,145 career MLB Hits. 19th on the all-time MLB Hits. Been a great 20 years for Miggy. 2003-07 with the Miami Marlins & 2008-23 with the Detroit Tigers. Hall of Famer. Been worth watching him play in his brilliant career in Miami & Detroit. Going to retire next month. Lots of good memories to bring back for Miggy in the upcoming years ahead. Lots of good ones to talk about. Triple Crown in 2012. 500th MLB against the Toronto Blue Jays in 2021. Other ones too. Worth talking about all of them anyways. Living ⚾ Legend. From Venezuela. Love there ⚾ in Venezuela. Seen lots of good players from his country had good success in the MLB. Miggy is one of them. Congratulations on passing Tony Gwynn & Robin Yount on Tuesday & Wednesday Night at Comerica Park in Detroit. Beat the Minnesota Twins 2 games in a row. Played for Jim Leyland, Brad Ausmus, Ron Gardenhire, & AJ Hinch in a Old English D Uniform in his 15 years at the helm…..



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