Kyle Rowley Has A Good Young Core In 2023…..

Kyle Rowley lost a lot of good talent off too graduation a year ago. Won the share of the 2022 BWAC Conference 🏈 Championship Title with the North Branch Broncos. Good young talented team in 2023 for the Armada Tigers. They don’t rebuild they reload instead. Saw that one on display on Friday Night at Armada HS. Marine City Mariners had a lot of good talent coming back from the 8-3 squad a year ago. Beat Marine City in OT in opener at East China Stadium in East China Township a year ago 28-27. Big win for this program. Got a better outing in 2023. Get a 40-20 route to start the season the right way. Keep this young team ahead of schedule. That is the way to do out there. Gotta play the best of the best on the schedule. Get good playoff points in this game. Kyle has a good staff on hand. His Dad Bud is helping out once again. Legendary Head Coach for the Oxford Wildcats 🏈 Team in his 46 years. Guide them to win the Class BB State Championship 🏆 Title in 1992. Went back in 1993 & be Class BB State Runner-Up. Had Carl Reeves at LB on Defense in 1992 & 1993. Been unbelievable in Armada. Father/Son Coaching Duo. Clint Conrad as DC for a while now. Good DC for this unit. Hired Dan Walker from Almont Raiders this season. Knew Kyle very well in the past years. Nice fit for this system. Dan & Clint doing good stuff together now in Armada. Put in a good game plan against a good Marine City squad on Friday Night at home. Leo Andrews, Kyle Cohen, Vinny Fodale, & other ones too. These young guys are following there suit very well indeed now. 1-0 on the 2023 campaign. Not satisfied at all period. Time to start BWAC Conference 🏈 Action on Thursday Night 🏈 in Yale. Good core of talent coming back that went .500 a year ago. Went to the Division 5 playoffs. Lose to Marine City on the road. Armada will be focusing on Yale all week long in practice. Put in a good game plan against this Spread Offense this week in practice. Beat them a year ago 42-18 at home. I remember covering that contest. They are going to challenge themselves all week long. Job isn’t done yet. Be on the go. Back 2 Back years they beat the Marine City Mariners. Build on that one & carry that momentum to the Yale Bulldogs matchup in practice & carry that one over to Yale. Got a good foundation in play now in Armada. Found there right guy available for this position. Took over in 2020. Idea in order. Focus on one day, one week, & one game at a time. Don’t look ahead of the Cros-Lex Pioneers 🏈 Team in Week 3. Just focus on Week 2. That is mentally there in now. Take it on a day to day basis. Gotta keep the program going on a year in & year out basis. Kyle knows his stuff very well. Learn from his dad very well. Making a good difference now in Armada. Keep on coming for more to come yet now still….. Play for pride & this community. Good thing in play now. Keep that trend climbing up. Learn what you can improve on each & every week. Correct a lot of things going forward to the future years. Set a good standard for everyone watching this young team play in 2023. 6 seniors on the roster. One starter back in the 2024 class. Known from being a 🎾 school. Back to being a 🏈 school once again now. Legendary Sports Announcer Dick Enberg would be proud of what Armada has done in 🏈. 1952 Armada HS Graduated. Living in a great place now. Oh my he say every time he was announcing a sporting event at different places. Love listening to Dick Enberg in the past years on NBC Sports. Armada Sports Hall of Fame. He was special. Knew his sports very well.



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