John Presnell & Al DeMott Share A Good Bond Together In The Past Years…….

John Presnell was the best Peck Pirates Sports Coach in School History. Coach the Girls Basketball Team in 1984-98. Had amazing success as a Head Coach. Won the Class D State Championship Title in 1986 for the Peck Pirates Girls Basketball Team. Great group of individuals on that squad. Comeback win in the Class D Semifinal Game in 1986. Won the next game. Char Durand, Colleen Bradley, Stephanie Pries, Ellen Foley, Debbie Cowley, Shelly Parker, Karen Lentner, Tina & Tiffeny Tenniswood, & company. 27-0 on the campaign. 1989 squad was a deep team. Favorite player, John liked the best was Shelley Ross. 1991 Peck HS Graduated. Good group of ladies on that 1989 squad. Comeback came up short in the Class D Semifinal Game. Another good group of ladies on the 1992 squad with Sherry Dowling, Kosal Sister, Durand Sisters, Jessica Affer, Trisha Bussey, & company. Lose to Auburn Hills Oakland Christian in the Class D Quarterfinal Game at CPS HS. Won 3 Class D Regional Titles in 1986, 1989, & 1992. Last good team he had out there was in 1995. Jessica Kerr, Julia Burns, Cheri & Krisit Quandt in the Class of 1996 at Peck HS. They beat Marlette & Brown City in 1995 2 Class C Teams. Good Assistant Coach Paul Cowley on John Presnell’s Coaching Staff. He was a good Coach for the Peck Pirates Girls Basketball Team. JP back to Coaching with the Jr. High Team once again now with the Peck Pirates. Tina VanConant needed one that can help out the program. Got a good one there now in progress. John is a very good Basketball Coach & even a better person away from coaching. Knows his Basketball very well.

Al DeMott has been unbelievable in his 44 years as a Head Coach for the Sandusky Wolves Girls Basketball Team. All-time winningest Head Coach in MHSAA Girls Basketball History. Over 800 wins. His best squad was in 1987 with Lucreita LeGault, Lara Touchette, Marsha Bader, Debbie Gill, Arlette Hoff, Rosie Kubik, Kara Daunt, Carrie Hickson, & company. Lose to the Detroit St. Martin DePorres Eagles in the Class D Quarterfinals at Goodrich HS. Finish the season at 23-3 overall record. 2nd in the TCC behind the Harbor Beach Pirates. 1999 squad to the Class C State Championship Game. Be State Runner-Up that season. My Sister Susie was on that squad. Julie Guttowsky, Marcy Bissett, Marcie Hazzard, Jessica McPherson, Sarah Paape, & company. Finish the season at 26-2 overall record in 1999. Really good 1992 squad with Keri Biniecki, Marcy Dorman, Gwen Hull, Shelly Ziehm, Lamara LeGault, Desiree DeMott, Michelle & Nicole Loding, Jessie Holt, Hope Maier, & company. Great trio in the Class of 2005 with Stacie Maier, Melissa Chambers, & Maria Gertsenberger. Played 3 years on Varsity in 2002-04. Deep bench in the Class of 2007 with his Daughter Allison DeMott, Bobbie May, Jamie VanConant, Brittany Alvirez, Lauren Hale, Krystana Rickett, Erika Lawson, & Melanie Ball. Went 20-0 in the regular season. 23-1 overall record in 2006. Living Legend as a Basketball Player & Coach in the City of Basketball. Good mindset of the game as a player & coach. Al is a Class Act Individual Guy on & off the playing court. Great personality. BCAM Coaches Hall of Fame. Well liked by everybody else in the City of Sandusky. 1973 Sandusky HS Graduated.

John Presnell & Al DeMott won Sanilac County Sports News C0-Coach of the Year Award in 1992. They guided the Peck Pirates & Sandusky Redskins Girls Basketball Team to win the League, District, & Regional Titles. Lose in the Quarterfinal Game on that same night. Both of them share a good bond together in the past years. Very good friends away from coaching. Go to Coaches Clinics in the off-season together. Coach against one another in the past years at Peck & Yale respectively. John & Al do great things together as a Girls Basketball Coach & other ones too. Guide their teams to succeed. Get them good job besides coaching. Do other things then sports. Make a good difference in people’s lives we live in now. Help one another to succeed. Think of those people do out there at other places. Work together as a team. Both Legends at Peck & Sandusky respectively. Both of them are well liked by their communities. JP & AD do awesome things for the girls. Win with Dignity & Class…….



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