USA Patriots Football Team Comes To A End On Friday Night On The Road Against The Ubly Bearcats.

USA Patriots Football Team got off too a 0-2 start in the 2019 season. They made good adjustments during the season came along. Head Coach Josh Hahn did a very good job as Head Coach. Offense started to click & Defense started to play once again. Landin Zimmer, Nash Morton, Cody Pawlowski, Cade Rierson, & Logan Houthoofd have ended there careers on Friday Night in Football in the 1st RD of the Pre-District Division 8 Playoff Game at Jerry Herp Field in Ubly. They where good Seniors Leaders in the 2020 Class. They where a young team in 2019. Lots of returning players off the team coming back in 2020 USA Patriots Football Team. Jeremiah Hahn, Ethan Engelhardt, Chase Payne, Walker Foley, Braylon Ballard, Conner Gettel, & Keegan Bixman back in 2020. They will contend for a GTCW Division Title in 2020. Eric Gardy did a very good as Defensive Coordinator in 2019. They got a solid core back once again in 2020. Work on things in the off-season in the Weight Room. They are going to be a fun team to watch in the GTCW Division. Josh Hahn is got a nice core coming back. This is the year to be GTCW Division Champions in 2020. Josh is got a good Junior Class right now at USA HS. This is the year to win this title for this program in 2020. Players know it. Got to make this thing count. Starts in the Weight Room in the off-season. Winning Physical Battles also too. Doing agility drills in the off-season. Getting stronger into the 2020 campaign for the USA Patriots Football Team.

Congratulations To Head Coach Josh Hahn & Defensive Coordinator Eric Gardy On A Job Well Done For The 2019 USA Patriots Football Team. Going Back To The 2019 MHSAA Playoffs Once Again. Getting Off Too A 0-2 Start. Got Things Clicking & Playing Up To Your Expectations Need To Be At All Times. One Of The 3 Best Young Teams Around The Whole Thumb Area In 2019. Lot To Play For In 2020. Players Believe In One Another, Encourage One Another, Trusting One Another, & Supporting One Another. Doing That One In Class & Dignity. Playing For One Another. Doing The Job Done Right All Season Long. 2020 USA Patriots Football Team Will Be A Good Team To Watch In The Whole Thumb Area. I Will Be Covering There Team In 2020.

Go USA Patriots Football Team….

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