Katelyn Noll Done An Good Job With The Cros-Lex Pioneers Girls Basketball Team…..

Katelyn Noll done a good job as Head Coach for the Cros-Lex Pioneers Girls Basketball Team. 3rd year at the helm. Replace Darren Bongard’s position. Took her time figure out some ideas she wants to do out there. Getting the feel of that one now. Players have brought in the culture she was going to bring out there. Seeing results this season then in the last 2 years. Improve their win totals each year. Play as a team not like individuals. Saw 2 good games in both losses last week. Kingston Cardinals by 7 points on the road & Armada Tigers by 3 at home. 2 17-point losses to Utica Ford & Armada on the road. 1-point lost to Port Huron Northern. Having her Dad Matt Frostic helping her out nicely. Matt has a good feel for this sport a lot. Knows the game very well. Katelyn played for Bob Kolakovich in HS for the CPS Tigers Girls Basketball Team. Bob is a good Basketball Coach. Matt worked with Bob Kolakovich & Al DeMott in the past years. Carry that one over to the Cros-Lex Pioneers Girls Basketball Program. Good young talent on display now at Cros-Lex.

2021-22: 3-19
2022-23: 9-13
2023-24: 11-5

Improvements each year for the Cros-Lex Pioneers Girls Basketball Team in the last 2 years. Credit Katelyn Noll on a job well done she has done for these ladies in the program. Not satisfied at all. It is a working progress they are in now. Defense needs to improve going forward to postseason action. Misuces in the Kingston & Armada game last week. They will see a better Defense next season. Work on that one this summer. Lose a few players off the roster to graduation in 2024. Good group of the 2025 class right now. They can be developed still. The team to watch out there in the BWAC next season. Katelyn is building that one up nicely now. Good group of ladies they got now in store. Not satisfied at all. Keep that trend rolling.


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