Adalee Kaufman Took Her Game To Another Level For The 2023-24 Sandusky Wolves Girls Basketball Team…….

Adalee Kaufman has to do 3 years for the 2023-24 Sandusky Wolves Girls Basketball Team for Head Coach Al DeMott. Defense, Rebounding, & Scoring. Did all 3 of them right this season. Assistant Coach Ray Lee said that to me Adalee is going to be an improved player on the roster this season. He was right about that one. Adalee is going to Graduate in 2 months from now at Sandusky HS in the Class of 2024. 25-1 on the season. Having the privilege to play for the Legendary Head Coach Al DeMott. All-time winningest Head Coach in MHSAA Girls Basketball History. Play on the Back 2 Back. GTCE Division, Division 3 District & Regional Titles. Be on Varsity for 2 years. Learn a lot from Morgan Taege, Allysen & Brookelyn Jansen. Graduated in the Class of 2023 at Sandusky HS. Those 3 are proud of what Adalee has done this season. Get a 34-22 win over the Montrose Rams in the Division 3 Regional Championship Game at Lakeville HS on Wednesday Night. Take on the 17-9 Rochester Hills Lutheran Northwest Crusaders in the Division 3 Quarterfinals at McMorran Arena in Port Huron SC4 Campus. Tuesday Night at 7 PM. See a big crowd on hand for that contest. Been a pleasure to see Adalee make her opportunities count for one final time in Sandusky Wolves Uniform. No one had them winning 25 games on the schedule. Proved the experts wrong on that one. Just play Sandusky Wolves Basketball. Did that one. Memories she will bring back on for a long time coming. Came so closed of beating Madison Heights Bishop Foley Ventures a year ago at West Bloomfield HS. Lose 36-34 in the Division 3 Quarterfinals. Team wants to win this Quarterfinal game on Tuesday Night in Port Huron. They wanna go to the Breslin Center in East Lansing as well too. Another team goal they wanna reach out there too. After the lost to the Harbor Beach Pirates on January 2nd, 2024 at Harbor Beach HS. Went on a 20-game winning streak anyways. Lost made them a better team. They learn from that lost. Had HB on their ropes in the 1st Half & lost it in the 2nd half. Never got rattled on that one. They found identity after that HB lost on the road. Refuel their focus the rest of the way. Did an excellent job on that one. Just believe your teammates, yourself, & coaches in the program. Media has been impressed of what Al DeMott has done in his 44 years at the helm. Good group of young ladies in the program. They support & encourage one another to be the best they can be. Saw that one all season long. Adalee is a good leader on this roster. Good team player. Good competitor & student of the game. Play your role. Does that one very well. Al is pleased to have Adalee in the program. Having the privilege to coach her up the right way. Coachable person. Does it 110% in practices & games. Dedicated herself to be in this position she is in now. Go do this one final time this week in practice. She plays Softball also too. Good 3-sport athlete. Time to shine one last week of the season & your career.


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    1. Do lots of sports stuff year round at home……

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