Will Damaska Has Expectations To Be A Special QB For The North Branch Broncos Football Team.

Got to watch Will Damaska throw & run the Football for the North Branch Broncos in the scrimmage on Thursday at Krepps Field at North Branch HS. He is a Freshman. 5’11 & 160 lbs. Lefty indeed. He didn’t look like a Freshman playing on Varsity for Head Coach Jeremy Ferman what I saw from Will. Saw him ran a QB keeper for a TD & threw a pass for a TD. I met Will at the Basketball Game at Cros-Lex HS. He is a easy going guy. Jeremy Ferman told me that was the 8th Grade QB he was talking about a year ago. He has expectation to be a Special QB for the North Branch Broncos Football Team in his 4 years on Varsity. Got to keep doing your job at all times. Have a good work ethic. Keep your mind straight at all-times. Do the right things for the team to be successful down the road. Getting to play for a Great Head Coach Jeremy Ferman. Best Head Coach in the Whole Thumb Area. They will compete for a BWAC Conference Title with the Almont Raiders & Cros-Lex Pioneers in 2019. Don’t count out on Richmond. Will has to keep his composure at all times. Let the play develop & trust your stuff at all times. Believe in yourself & your abilities to get to where you want to be at in your 4 years for the North Branch Broncos Football Team & Program. Has a shot to be a legendary QB. Will replace Gerrid Rutledge very nicely in 2019. Gerrid Graduated In 2019 At North Branch HS. Had a good season a year ago. Ran the Offense to perfection. Will has done that one very well as a Freshman so far so good. Gerrid is going to like Will Damaska at QB. Good Left-Handed QB Indeed. He impressed me for sure.

Go North Branch Broncos Football Team Will Damaska…….

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