Almont vs North Branch Is Going To Be A Dandy BWAC Conference Football Game On Friday Night At North Branch HS.

Jeremy Ferman has a good core of guys still for the 2019 North Branch Broncos Football Team. Despite losing a lot of them to graduation a year ago. They have outscored there opponents 150-6 in the 3 wins they had already now. Offense there averaging over 50 points a game & Defensively there averaging over 2 points a game. Armada scored 6 points on them in the home opener on a pass play they scored on in the 1st Quarter in a 34-6 win in Week 2 of the 2019 campaign. Lakeville & Yale put 0 points on the scoreboard. Run Defense has been unbelievable for the team to be successful down the road. Jeremy Ferman is building a good program & foundation of the North Branch Broncos Football Team in his 3rd season as Head Coach. It was a good hire indeed. Will Damaska has replaced Gerrid Rutledge at QB in 2019. He is a good Left-Handed Thrower & also a good runner. He is a Freshman out there. Jeremy talked about him a year ago. Played on the JR. High Squad. He has impressed me as a Freshman. Doesn’t play like a Freshman. Plays like Veteran QB on Varsity. He is a smart guy indeed. Understands the system very well. Good competitor & not scared to play with the older guys on the team at all. Brandon Martin & Jacob Ranney has replaced Christian Coy & Josh Boyne very well at RB in 2019. They are doing very well at that department as Juniors. Christian Coy & Josh Boyne have Graduated already now. Those 2 Juniors are doing very well filling those shoes. Jeremy Ferman is happy to have both of them on the team. Both of them played on JV Football a year ago. They where ready to play Varsity Football in 2019. Still got Drake Deshetsky as a Athlete on the roster. He is a really good Athlete also too. Played on Varsity as a Sophomore a year ago. He is in the Backfield too with Brandon Martin & Jacob Ranney. Offensive Line is doing very well too. Despite losing Michael Gormley, Michael Orebaugh, Porter Fielder to Graduation. They got Hunter Reinke, Caleb Hitchcock, Hunter Ratliff, & Gavin Mohr there now. Losing Nathan Farnsworth to Graduation at WR. They don’t have a good one like Nathan is at that position in 2019. Defensively there much better then they where in the last 2 years at North Branch. Scott (Bubba) Goins does a good job as DC in 2019. Replacing Brian Thomas as DC. Brian work won’t let him do any coaching at all in 2019. Daniel Deshetsky has done a good job as D-Line Coach in 2019. Run Defense is unbelievable to watch so far in the 3 games they played in so far. Haven’t allowed a Rushing TD in the 3 games they played in. Jeremy Ferman has done a unbelievable job as Head Coach at North Branch.

Almont Raiders Football Team is the Defending BWAC Conference Champions a year ago. Lots of returners off the 10-1 squad in 2018. They got a lot of good Athletes on the squad. They average over 48 points a game on Offense & allowed over 4 points a game on Defense. Outscored there opponents 145-13 in the 3 wins they had in 2019. New Haven put up 6 points & Imlay City put up 7 points on Almont’s good Defense. Algonac put up 0 points on them. Ritchie Feys is one of the best DC’s in the Whole Thumb Area for this unit. He was with Jeremy Ferman in 2011-14 as DC. Stayed with James Leusby’s staff in 2015-present at Almont at the same position as DC. They play a good 4-4 stack Defense just like the North Branch Broncos do. Good D-Line & stop the run. Make them one dimensional. You have saw that one already. In the 3 games they played in. Offensively they are doing very well in that department. Josh Hellebuyck at QB. He was there QB a year ago as a Junior. He is having a good season running the Offense once again. They got a good core of weapons with Josh Hellebuyck. Jack Paupart at RB & Michael Lulgjarji too at RB for Head Coach James Leusby once again. Mason Smith has replaced Jace Rinke at RB. He is off to Concordia University of Ann Arbor now playing College Football. Mason Smith is a Sophomore this season. They have the weapons to do it again in 2019.

Almont beat North Branch 42-6 a year ago at Almont HS. I covered that contest. Almont was ready to play that night. North Branch wasn’t ready to play at all. We won’t see a 42-6 like that one a year ago. It will be a lot closer then it was a year ago. I am excited about this awesome BWAC Conference Football Game at Krepps Field at North Branch HS. Both of them don’t like one another at all. It is going to be a packed house. I can’t wait to cover this awesome game at North Branch HS at 7PM. Get there early & often. It is going to be a diaper dandy. So excited to be there for this awesome High School Football Game of the Year in 2019 in the BWAC Conference. Can’t wait for this one to come. Oh baby it is going to be a fun to watch.

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