Jenna Welke Has Done A Fantastic Job As Brown City Green Devils Volleyball Head Coach.

Jenna Welke has done a remarkable as 2019 Brown City Green Devils Volleyball Head Coach. Didn’t win the GTCE Division Crown in 2019. The players have bought into her system this season. 24-13-6 on the season. Lost 5 players off the team to Graduation in the 2019 Class. Sara Woodall, Alexis Wiltse, Lexi Crenshaw, Kendal Muxlow, & Miki Frey. They got 4 Seniors back from the squad a year ago. Lauren Woods, Valyn Cutcher, Belle Hiles, & Catrina Cournaya where on the GTCE Division, Division 3 District & Regional Titles in 2018 as Juniors. Now They Are On There 8th Straight District Championship Team In 2019. These young ones Jenna is got now are doing very well as Sophomores on Varsity. Samantha Gammons, Makayla Cournaya, & Jordan Millsap have done very well as newcomers for the Brown City Green Devils Volleyball Team in 2019. Jenna Welke has done super well with the Player Development all season long. Rebuilding process has done very well in 2019. Jenna Welke is one of the 5 best Volleyball Head Coaches in the Whole Thumb Area. Harbor Beach had a good Senior laden team in 2019. Ubly is a good team also too. One of the best young teams around the area too. Brown City is got a nice young team in 2019. Players have trusted Jenna Welke & the team she is got once again in 2019. See them play in the Division 3 Regionals on Tuesday Night at USA HS. Nice gym to have a Volleyball Regional at USA HS. 2nd nicest HS Gym in the Whole Thumb Area right behind the Sandusky HS Gym is better then USA’s HS Gym. Great Volleyball Regional To Have That One At USA HS On Tuesday & Thursday Night. Brown City will be at USA Regional & take on the Bryon Eagles in the Division 3 Semifinal Game.

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