Jay Riley Has Done A Remarkable Job As Head Coach Of The Caro Tigers Girls Basketball Team In The 2019-20 Season.

Jay Riley is building a good program, foundation, culture, & team chemistry for the Caro Tigers Girls Basketball Team & Program in his 4th season as a Head Coach now. 2006 Caro HS Graduated. Caro is a much improved squad all season long. Only lost was to the Sandusky Redskins at home. I covered that one too. Got a nice victory at home on Thursday Night against the Reese Rockets. End there winning streak in GTCW Division Play Reese had also too. They players have listen Jay Riley’s system very nicely at Caro. Showing you that one on the stat sheet in the 2019-20 campaign. Going to the gym working on there game in the off-season & also during gym class time on Friday or after school. Takes time to build a program up. Expected to be the team to beat going into the season in the GTCW Division in the 2019-20 campaign. They living up to that one nicely. Brings in good energy, enthusiasm, intensity, & excitement to this Caro Tigers Girls Basketball Team & Program. They have build on that one now. They got a nice Freshman on Varsity now in Adelyn Moore. Showing me good impression as a Freshman on Varsity. Strong girl. Needs to work on Ball Handling Drills in the off-season. Good shooter & Defender. Saw some carries on Adelyn in the Reese Game at home on Thursday Night needs to address from Jay Riley moving forward to the future. Adelyn will work on her ball handling stuff moving forward to the off-season. Her Basketball IQ is solid. Development will come for more in the future. Not scared to play on Varsity as a Freshman. Ellie Hornbacher is a good leader on Jay’s squad this season. Guiding them to a 10-1 record & unbeaten in GTCW Division Play. Helping the young girls succeed down the road in the future. Help them win games also too. Showing good stuff for this team moving forward to season comes to a end in February. Work has to be done yet for the Caro Tigers Girls Basketball Team. More to work on still. Jay didn’t play on good Basketball Teams in High School at Caro. Knows the game of Basketball very well. Best team he ever went up against was the Frankenmuth Eagles with the List Twins & Brad Redford in the 2005-06 campaign. Brad Redford can shoot the Basketball so very well from anywhere on the court. Went to Xavier University in Cincinnati & play for Chris Mack during that time being. Chris Mack is now the Head Coach of the Louisville Cardinals Basketball Team now. Jay works at a Landscape Company in Caro. 2006 Caro HS Graduated. Michigan Wolverines Sports Fan As Well Too. Glad to be a good Friend of Jay Riley now at Caro. Pleasure to cover his games twice this season. Good guy indeed. Hard working guy on a year in & year out basis.

Go Caro Tigers Girls Basketball Head Coach Jay Riley & Congratulations On The Victory Against The Reese Rockets On Thursday Night At Caro HS.

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