Will Damaska Is Going To Be A Special QB For The North Branch Broncos Football Team In The Next 3 Years.

Will Damaska is going to the guy to watch out for the North Branch Broncos Football Team at QB for Head Coach Jeremy Ferman in the next 3 years on Offense. Showing me good impression as a Freshman in 2019. Did a good job replacing Gerrid Rutledge at QB. Gotta do more things going forward as a Sophomore to his Senior Year at North Branch HS. Left-Handed QB. Throw the Football & Run The Football. Saw both of them on display as a Freshman. Good skills & understands the Varsity level nicely. Did very well as a 8th Grade QB in Junior High in 2018. Guide them to a 5-1 overall record. Jump onto the Varsity Level as a Freshman. Did very well in that department. Will knows what he needs to do at QB in 2020 to 2022 for the North Branch Broncos Football Team on Offense. Good student of the game & understands the situations & will have a good career coming. Has good grades in school. Well liked by the North Branch HS Students, Teachers, & Administrators. Does it in Dignity & Class. Hard working individual on & off the Football Field. School is cancelled for the rest of the season & doing school work at home now. Working on his game at QB at home now. Jeremy Ferman is pleased on what he has gone thru as a Freshman on Varsity. Get better in the next 3 years on Varsity. Development will be there for Will Damaska. His 2023 Class at North Branch is got a lot of good athletes on the team in Football & Basketball. North Branch is going to get better each & every year in Football as well too. Jeremy Ferman is the best Head Coach in the Whole Thumb Area & also in the BWAC Conference in Football. Will is pleased to play for a good Head Coach like Jeremy Ferman in Football. Been impressed on what he has done on & off the playing field. Got good character & has a good desire on doing everything right at once. Showing me good impression in 2019 as a Freshman.

Go North Branch Broncos Football Team QB Will Damaska…….

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