Jacoby Jones Lead The Detroit Tigers In A Comeback Fashion At Home Against The Kansas City Royals.

Jacoby Jones had a good Wednesday Night for the Detroit Tigers for 3rd Year Manager Ron Gardenhire at Comerica Park in Detroit. 2 Doubles, 2 Runs, GW Solo Home Run to Right Field. 3 For 3 in this game. Good Defensive Player at Centerfield for this Ball Club. Making things happen for this team in 2020 so far. Matthew Boyd got off to a slow start in this one in the 1st 2 innings of the game. They where down 4-0. Matthew made good adjustments in the next 3 innings of the game. Detroit Tigers kept fighting & grinding out plays. Believe in the team can do. Score 5 unanswered runs. Jonathon Schoop got into the act & hit a 2-run homer to right field to tied the game at 4 runs apiece. Bullpen got the job done once again. Joe Jimenez got his 4th save of the 2020 season for the Detroit Tigers Baseball Team. Ron trusting his players to get the job done once again. Did that one. Stay focus when things ain’t going your way. Make good adjustments during the course of the game. Did that one. Got a 5-4 victory at home on Wednesday Night. Congratulations on Jacoby Jones performance at home on Wednesday Night. Detroit Tigers struck out 12 times in this game. Doesn’t matter they got the victory at home they needed the most for this Ball Club.

Go Detroit Tigers Baseball Jacoby Jones & Ron Gardenhire…………..

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