Ollie Osborne Will Be A Good PGA Tour Player In The Upcoming Years.

Ollie Osborne shown me good impression at the 120th US Amateur at Bandon Dunes Golf Course in Oregon in the Championship Round on Sunday. Despite not winning the 120th US Amateur against Tyler Scarfaci. 5 Up Lead On Tyler Scarfaci After 12 Holes & Lost The Lead Going In The 2nd 18 Holes Of That Championship Match. Tyler had a 2 Up Lead after 33 Holes. Ollie came back & won the 34th & 35th Hole. Tyler bounce back on the 36th Hole on deciding one to win the 120th US Amateur. Ollie will learn on what he did wrong & right in the Championship Match on Sunday. Move on to future years. Learn what he can do moving forward. Follow Payne Stewart & Bryson DeChambeau in the upcoming years on the PGA Tour. Not ready to play in the PGA Tour yet. He will be ready to play on the PGA Tour. Stay in College to play Golf for the SMU Mustangs in Fort Worth, TX. Ollie hits the Golf Ball a long ways away. Strong guy for a 20 year old. Bright future is on Ollie Osborne still to come. Move on & learn on what he needs to do moving forward to the future years. Let the game come to you. Learn stuff you need to work on. Keep on developing & don’t let your emotions get down on you. Go play Golf. Stay focus on things. Good student of the game of Golf & also in the classroom. Won the Junior Golf Tournament as a 14 year old. Shot under par 2 days. 70 & 70. Shot a 140 in that 2 day Junior Golf Tournament in 2014. SMU Mustangs got NCAA Sanctions on Sports Scholarships in 2015. Ollie was still going to play for the SMU Mustangs Golf Team & Program in Fort Worth, TX no matter what. Good College Golf Program Right Now In Fort Worth, TX. Good mind on stuff on what he needs to do in the upcoming years. Work on your Golf Game. Good Parents & Friends watching Ollie Osborne play Golf. Special PGA Tour Player in the upcoming years. Just stay focus & do your thing at all times. Reach your dreams still. Trust the process. Go at it 110% each & everyday in Practices & Matches. Go for it all. Just go to class at SMU get good grades in School & play Golf as well. Listen to details from your Coaches, Parents, & Parents. Be smart & decisive about things too. Go for this dream you wanna play on the PGA Tour. Bryson DeChambeau gave Ollie good invoice on things you need to do out there in the upcoming years. Go at it now.


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