Michigan High School Football Is Back Once Again In The Fall.

Glad to see Michigan High School Fall Sports comeback once again in 2020. Football gets to start on September 8th once again. Play a 6 game schedule just for 2020. Every team gets to play in MHSAA Playoffs just in 2020. COVID-19 went on forever. Crazy 6 months indeed. Volleyball gets to practice in the gym once again too. Good news to hear on that one too. Unbelievable we have seen Gretchen Whitmer has done during this crisis. Terrible job on these scenarios during this time being. CDC has done a horrible on these data & other things too. Don’t make good choices on these stuff. Donald Trump has done a good job as President of United States of America thru out his time being. Good news we are getting High School Football & Volleyball coming back to play once again in 2020. Football Games start up on September 18th, 2020.

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