All Athletes Have To Wear A Mask While Playing Sports.

High School Athletes have to wear a mask while playing sports. That is terrible what they are doing out there anyways. Doesn’t help you at all. CDC & Governor Gretchen Whitmer are super corrupted on these stuff already now. Doesn’t help you breath very well while wearing a mask in warm weather conditions. Okay to wear one in the Cold Weather Conditions while sports outsides anyways. Which I don’t mind them having them one anyways in the Cold Weather. CDC & Gretchen Whitmer have done a terrible job with the COVID-19 theory in the last 6 months. My gracious goodness. They are useless period. You can wear a mask while going for a walk on cold weather conditions. Not for warm weather conditions. You can get asthma very easily while wearing a mask while competing in sports period. This is terrible out there they have done during this crisis in 2020. Gretchen Whitmer & CDC is evil & dangerous period. This is pathetic.

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