Joe Milton Reminds Me Of Those 2 College Football QB’s.

Joe Milton reminds of me Cam Newton & Deshaun Watson at QB in College Football for the Michigan Wolverines. Same built as does Cam Newton & Deshaun Watson. Joe can do it all for the Maize & Blue. Saw amazing improvements in the off-season when the COVID-19 was going on in April. Doing workouts at his home in Orlando, FL. Working on other stuff. Footwork & other things too. Progressing very well in the off-season. Josh Gattis said his work ethic & understanding details are unbelievable. Josh is a fan of Joe Milton anyways. Good mind on what he needs to do for the team to be successful down the road. Jim Harbaugh loves mobile QB’s on his team. Andrew Luck with the Stanford Cardinal in 2008-10 in Palo Alto, CA. Colin Kaepernick with the San Francisco 49ers in the NFL. Now he is got Joe Milton in the mix for the Maize & Blue. Joe threw a 85 yard pass one time. He has the capabilities to throw it 70+ yard passes. He can run the ball very well too. Good tools to be a good College Football QB in 2020-present. That Offense fits better in Josh Gattis’s style for the Michigan Wolverines Football Team & Spread Offense they are running now in Ann Arbor. Saw the improvements of that Offense in the 2nd Half of the season in 2019. Score points in bunches & having the Balance Offense working in one piece of the puzzle. Michigan is a Elite QB away of being a Top 5 Team in the nation. Can Joe get over the hump on that one too. We will see on that one too.

Auburn quarterback Cameron Newton looks downfield Saturday.
Arkansas St vs Auburn football on Saturday, June 12, 2010 in Auburn, Ala.
Todd Van Emst

Cam Newton had a good 2010 campaign for the Auburn Tigers Football Team for Head Coach Gene Chizik. Guide them to a 14-0 mark. National Champions. 2010 Heisman Trophy Winner. Led the Auburn Tigers to a remarkable comeback victory over the Alabama Crimson Tide Football Team on the road in 2010. Being down 27-0 at one time. Scored 28 unanswered points & getting a remarkable victory on the road that day on Thanksgiving Weekend on Black Friday. Good career for the Carolina Panthers in 2011-19. Best season was in 2015. Went 15-1 overall record in the regular season. Won the NFC Conference Championship Game at home against the Arizona Cardinals. Guide the Carolina Panthers to the best Offense in the NFL in 2015. Lose in Super Bowl 50 against the best Defense in the NFL Denver Broncos at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, CA 24-10. Throwing the Football a lot better now with the New England Patriots. Saw him threw the Football very well on Sunday Night Football on NBC against the Seattle Seahawks on the road in a 35-30 lost. Ran for 2 TD Runs in that game too. Good runner & thrower too. Powerful guy. Tough minded guy all the way around.

Deshaun Watson had a good 3-year career with the Clemson Tigers Football Team at QB. Guide the Clemson Tigers to a National Championship Title in 2016. Doing very well in the NFL for the Houston Texans at QB. Guide the squad to Back 2 Back Playoff Appearances. Lose to the Super Bowl Champions on the road on January 12th at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. Lost to them on Opening Night on Thursday Night in Kansas City. Deshaun is still a good NFL QB these days of ages we live in now. Good qualities as well too like Cam Newton does. Can throw, run, & not scared to hit at all. Good competitor to playing QB in the NFL. Good skills to be a good NFL QB for more years to come.

That is why, Joe Milton reminds me of Cam Newton & Deshaun Watson at QB in College Football & also for the Michigan Wolverines on Offense. Jim Harbaugh & Josh Gattis has good impression about Joe Milton anyways. Going to get the job done right once again for this Offense in 2020-present. Good QB Skills to be something special in 2020 for the Maize & Blue.


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