MDHHS Needs To Let The Fall Sports Finish Up There Postseason.

Been Crazy 9 Months Of The COVID-19 That Has Been Going On Now Still. MDHHS Needs To Let Them To Play Once Again & Finish The Fall Sports Postseason Once Again. People Have Been Frustrated With These Stuff During This Time Period. They Got To Let Them To Do It In 2 Weeks. MHSAA Executive Director Mark Uyl Wants Them To Play & Finish The Season For The Fall Sports One 1st. Been A Crazy Turn Of Events For Sure. We Need To Them To Play Sports Once Again & Finish It The Right Way. Miserable Season For Sure In The Last 9 Months Of COVID-19. Get This One Right On Friday For The MDHHS This Time Around. Can’t Have This One Come On Once Again In The Next 3 Months. Need The Students Go Back To School & Let The Athletes Play Sports Once Again. Let Them Play Sports Once Again. Governor Gretchen Whitmer Has Done A Terrible Job With This Stuff Too. Let Them Come To The Games As Well Too. This Is Terrible They Have Done To Our Whole World. The Whole World Is Going Thru This COVID-19 As Well Too. Sweden Does The Best Job With The COVID-19 Stuff & They Got Good Common Sense About Things Too.

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