Hunter Dickinson Is The Reason Why, He Is The Best Freshman In The B1G Conference.

Hunter Dickinson is the reason why, he is the best Freshman in the B1G Conference in the 2020-21 campaign for the Michigan Wolverines Basketball Team in Ann Arbor. Good inside scorer, hit the Foul Line & Elbow outside jump shot, plays good Defense, Good Shot Blocker & Rebounder. Make some free throw shots as well too. Lefty indeed. Good Basketball Skills to play in the College Level now. Credit goes to his High School & AAU Basketball Coach as well too. Good career at DeMatha HS in the Baltimore, MD Area in his 4 years on Varsity Basketball Level. Translated very well from Elementary, Jr. High, AAU, High School, & now in the College Basketball Level for the Maize & Blue. Big time recruit in the 2020 Class. Made his presence as a True Freshman. Credit Juwan Howard on that one as well for the Michigan Wolverines Basketball Team. Build a good bond to the veteran players like Isaiah Livers & other guys on that team. Like to see him stay another season to develop more moving forward to this team next year for the Michigan Wolverines Basketball Team in the 2020-21 campaign in Ann Arbor. Just a playmaker all the way around. Good team player. Teammates love playing with Hunter Dickinson. Listen to Juwan Howard & Isaiah Livers & other ones on the squad. That is why, there 10-0 on the season now for the Maize & Blue. Amazing Basketball IQ. Dedicated Basketball Player Year Round. That is why, Hunter Dickinson is the best Freshman in the B1G Conference this season. Leads by example to the other ones in that tough conference they play in now. Showing me good impression & everyone else on the squad. Can do it all for everyone else. Does a lot of stuff he needs to do to be a successful Basketball Player in the next level. Not ready to play in the NBA yet. Need to stay another season in Ann Arbor. Hunter has impressed me & so has everyone else too. Putting that one on display now in Ann Arbor. For the fans to watch him play on TV. Translated very well during the COVID-19 going on now still in the Whole World we live in right now. Handled all of that one very well. Good mindsets of things he has to do at all times. Go about your business & go to class & get good grades in school & play Basketball on the team. Gotta have the grades to play on the team as well too. Got good grades in school. University of Michigan is really hard to get in these days of ages we live in now. Good student of the game & also in the classroom. Hard working individual year round. Helping one another to succeed in the future years. Goes at it 110% at all times at everything he does for himself in even in school at Basketball games & practices he is all in on that one. Showing me amazing impression on this squad. Play for a good High School Basketball Head Coach to another good College Basketball Head Coach. Hunter listens to details very well. Well liked by everyone else everywhere he is at now. Good high quality skills. Been fun to see him play as a True Freshman for the Michigan Wolverines Basketball Team in the 2020-21 season in Ann Arbor. Good Basketball Player Period.

Go Blue Hunter Dickinson……………..

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