Phil Martin Has Done Amazing Job As Football Head Coach For The Frankenmuth Eagles In 2013-Present.

Phil Martin has the best winning percentage in Frankenmuth Eagles Football Team & Program History out of any Head Coach in the past years. This is his best Defensive Team he is ever had in his Head Coaching Tenure at Frankenmuth. Got John Blankenship’s former players on his Coaching Staff right now at Frankenmuth. They do a fantastic job with the player development system as well too. That Defense was unbelievable on Saturday Afternoon against a good Marine City Mariners Offense in a 31-7 win at home. Defense Wins Games & Championships Period. DC Dave Compau has done unbelievable job all season long for the Frankenmuth Eagles Football Team. Standout DL in his days as well too for Head Coach John Blankenship in 1995. Which was his best squad he ever had as Head Coach in Frankenmuth. Took over for Tim VanWormer for the Frankenmuth Eagles in 2013. Started that one up 1st. They went 9-0 in 2012 season & lose to the Flint Powers Catholic Central in the Division 5 District Championship Game at home. Went 10-1 overall record. Kept on winning TVCE Division Titles after that one instead. Frankenmuth is a Sports Town & love there Football down there too. There in the Semifinals next week at home against the Defending Division 5 State Champions Lansing Catholic Central Cougars. Phil will his troops ready to go for that one too. Take Randy Ahern Spread Offense in this game too at Frankenmuth HS. Impressive showing for this Defense I saw against the Marine City Mariners in the Regional Championship Game. Phil’s 3rd Regional Title in his Head Coaching Career at Frankenmuth. 1988 Vassar HS Graduated. Class Act & Loyal To Everyone Else Too. Bob Nowotny’s was a fan of him too playing Baseball for the Vassar Vulcans in his playing days in HS. Favorite Player he ever talk to during that time period. Michigan Wolverines Sports Fan. 2 Sons Drew & Alec. His Wife is the Superintendent at Frankenmuth Schools right now. Adele does a very good job as Superintendent at Frankenmuth. She is a 1989 Vassar HS Graduated. Good Bunch Of Them. Phil Martin is my favorite Head Coach as well too. Jeremy Ferman is a fan of him too. Dave Gutierrez another one of his friends of Phil Martin. Phil is a true winner on & off the playing field. Cares about these players year in & year out. Jared Davis is another true winner on the team at QB in his days in 2016. 2017 Frankenmuth HS Graduated. Goes to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Jim Harbaugh was a fan of Jared Davis as well too. Good Scout Player for the Michigan Wolverines Football Team in the Special Teams Department. Another Class Act Guy As Well Too. True Winners on this program now.

Go Frankenmuth Eagles Football Team & Program Head Coach Phil Martin…………

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