Dave Compau Is One Of The Best DC’s In The State Of Michigan For The Frankenmuth Eagles Football Team & Program.

Dave Compau is one of the best DC’s in the State of Michigan for the Frankenmuth Eagles Football Team. Standout Defensive Lineman in his playing days for the Frankenmuth Eagles Football Team for Head Coach John Blankenship in 1995. Tied for the School Record for the most QB sacks in his playing career. 1995 squad was the best John Blankenship ever had at Frankenmuth went 11-1 overall record. Lose to the Detroit Country Day Yellowjackets in the Class B Semifinals at SVSU. 4th & inches Ryan Hodges was short of the 1st down in the Class B Regional Championship Game at Frankenmuth HS late in the game. Montrose had a solid squad as well too. On a muddy & snowing & raining day as well too. Frankenmuth has a solid Defense out there in 2020-21 campaign. Allowed 61 points on the scoreboard in the 9 games they played in so far. Held Freeland Falcons to 3 points on the scoreboard & Marine City to 7 points on the scoreboard too. 2 good powerhouse teams they played so far this season. 2 good Offensive Teams they play so far. Held Essexville-Garber Dukes to 7 points on the scoreboard too. They like to score points too. Not the most physical team. There fundamentals & techniques are incredible indeed. Lots of good team speed all the way around. Doing a excellent job of that department as well too. Speed is amazing to watch. Discipline as well too. Being at the right place at the right time. Allowed 12 Pts to Bridgeport in the 1st Rd of the Playoffs at home & 14 to Corunna in the District Championship Game at home as well too. Been a run ride for this Frankenmuth Defense this season. Defense Wins Games & Championships Period. Saw that one all season long. Takes you a long ways away in the Playoffs. See that one now. Take on the Lansing Catholic Central Cougars on Saturday at home. Defending Division 5 State Champions a year ago. Phil Martin gets credit for that one & done a remarkable job as Head Coach for this team since 2013-present. Letting Dave Compau loose as DC for the Frankenmuth Eagles Football Team on Defense. Knows his Defense very well. John Blankenship is proud of Dave Compau has done for the team & program. Quiet guy & very nice guy as well too. Knows Football very well. Players respect him period. Leads to wins & succeeding after Football is done for them. Good guy to have in the program. Smart individual person. Good dedicated person year round. Goes about his business each & everyday. Preach to his Defensive Players on the team go at it 110% in the weight room in the off-season & at practices & games. Impressive showing indeed in the Regional Championship Game on Saturday at Frankenmuth HS. Defense averages over 6 points a game total. Stop the run & make them pass the ball. Got after the QB a few times last week. Force a few turnovers in the 2nd Half.

Go Frankenmuth Eagles Defensive Coordinator Dave Compau………

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