Jeffery Heaslip Is Going To Be A Special QB In The Next 2 Years For The Marine City Mariners Football Team.

Jeffery Heaslip threw a TD pass in the Division 5 Regional Championship Game Last Saturday against the Frankenmuth Eagles at Frankenmuth HS. Threw that TD pass in the 1st Quarter off the Frankenmuth INT by Davin Reif. Take a 7-0 lead in the 1st Quarter. Completed some passes in that game. 2nd Half all went south from there on out. Jeffery will comeback strong for his Jr season for the Marine City Mariners Football Team at QB. QB Coach Brendan Kay has expectations for this Sophomore QB in the off-season. He has good QB skills for a Sophomore now. They score points in bunches & bunches on the scoreboard anyways. Frankenmuth has a good Defense out there anyways. Have that short memory for the next 6 to 7 months from now & get ready for the season once again for the 2021 Marine City Mariners Football Team on Offense. Head Coach Daryn Letson has expectations on this Sophomore QB in the next 2 years on Varsity. There be back at this level once again in 2021 campaign. Had a good season overall & went 8-2 overall record. He is a good QB right now. Watch out for him moving forward to 2021 & 2022 campaign. Good running skills & passing abilities as well. Can’t wait to see him play in the next 2 years at Marine City.

Go Marine City Mariners Football Team QB Jeffery Heaslip………….

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