Aaron Fernald Will Have A Solid Team Coming Up In A Couple Of Years For The Cass City Red Hawks Boys Basketball Team.

Aaron Fernald will a elite team for the Cass City Red Hawks Boys Basketball Team in 2 more years from now. Never had elite talent during his 3 different stints as Head Coach at Cass City. He is had winning season there on his 3 different stints there. Won a GTCW Division Title in the 2012-13 campaign with Cody Orban & company. Wasn’t a Elite Team he had that season. Not a superior talented bunch. GTCW Division was weak that season in the 2012-13 campaign. Now it is strong already now once again. Solid Freshman Bunch right now at Cass City. Good JV Boys Basketball Team in 2021. Lost 1 game on the schedule to the Sandusky Redskins on the road in the opener. They have been winning games ever since the Sandusky lost in the opener. His nephew Carter Patrick on Varsity right now. He is a Freshman right now at Cass City HS. His youngest son Michael that is going to be a good one as well too. Nice shooting stroke. Big Sophomore Class in Basketball. Couple of nice ones on JV right now. They will play on Varsity as Juniors next year. Saw the JV beat the EPB Lakers on Wednesday Night at Lakers HS 50-34. Good 8th grade core as well too. Foundation is taking off once again for the Cass City Red Hawks Boys Basketball Team in a couple of years from now. Look out for them coming up. They will be a better team next season. In the 2023-24 campaign look out for them. In 2022-23 will be loaded as well too.

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