Jeff Hartt Is A Very Good Baseball Head Coach For The Bay City John Glenn Bobcats.

Jeff Hartt is one of the best High School Baseball Head Coaches in the State of Michigan. Been there for 36 years for the Bay City John Glenn Bobcats Baseball & Program. Won his 800th career a month ago. Played there too in his High School Playing Days. Knows a lot about the Bay City John Glenn Bobcats Baseball Culture. Taught there too. Good Baseball Mindset He Brings To Those Kids. Bay City has a good Little League Program in Michigan. Best one around. Jeff has taken a lot of them to play College Baseball in the past years. Few of them going to play once again. 2 good pitchers on that squad in 2021. I saw the one in Game 1 of the Doubleheader in a 4-2 lost to the Frankenmuth Eagles on Tuesday Night on the road. Didn’t strikeout a lot of batters. Made them hit ball which is okay. His teammates made plays for him instead. Keeps your pitch count down. Doing that one right. Jeff is a players Coach. That is why, you win over 800 victories in your 36 years as Head Coach for the Bay City Bobcats Baseball Team & Program. Good idea to get it done. Work together as a unit. Trust your stuff & abilities for the everyone that is watching them play. See good results on a year in & year out basis. They love there Baseball down anyways. Mindset of that one indeed. Goes about his business each time down. Go at it 110% at practices & games. Jeff Hartt is a Michigan High School Baseball Coach Hall Of Famer Now. Does things he needs & everyone else follow suit from Jeff Hartt. True Winner Overall.


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