Bryce Davis Has Done A Good Job As Head Coach For The 2021 Cros-Lex Pioneers Baseball Team……

Bryce Davis does a good job as Head Coach for the 2021 Cros-Lex Pioneers Baseball Team on Varsity. Took over for Brett Vaughn’s position in 2021. Good core of Seniors on that squad in the 2021 Class at Cros-Lex. They got 9 of them on that team now. Doing very well in 2021. Split with Almont & Richmond in the BWAC Conference Action in Baseball in 2021. They are solid teams as well too. 2 good Senior Pitchers in Tyler Johnson & Hunter Soper. Good Junior OF/Athlete/Leadoff Hitter/OF in Jake Townsend. Bats Left-Handed & Throws Left-Handed. Speedster Indeed. Good CF in Isaac Lerma. Good Hitter & Amazing Speed. Good Defensive CF as well too. Get the job done for this team. Ton of good talent all over the place at Cros-Lex. Lots of good Versatility on this team. Can’t take teams lightly at all in State Tournament Run. Bryce Davis will preach to them on that one for his unit. Gotta come to play in time & be ready for action. Other teams will get your best shot at you & anyone else. Be ready for this one too in State Tournament Time. Don’t what they will do in these games in the State Tournament. Upsets happen all the time. Gotta take teams seriously in this postseason games. Those will be talked about with Bryce Davis & company. I love watching them play Basketball & Baseball for the Cros-Lex Pioneers in the 2021 Class. Special Bunch For Sure…… Impressive Team They Got Now.

Go Cros-Lex Pioneers Baseball Team Head Coach Bryce Davis……….

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