Chris Babcock Does A Good Job With The Peck Pirates Baseball Team & Program.

Chris Babcock has done a remarkable job with the Peck Pirates Baseball Team & Program. Does a lot with them with the 14U Travel Team & other stuff too. They are a very young squad in 2021. Lost 3 on the Schedule already. Top 10 Team in the State of Michigan in Division 4. Good mindset of things he does for those kids year round. Cares about that one too. Dedicated year round guy in Baseball. It has been his passion while growing up as a Child. Players respect Chris Babcock does for them now in Peck. Knows a lot about Baseball. Saw that one already now & in the last 2 years. Played for the Sandusky Redskins Baseball Team in High School for Head Coach Barry Ziehm. He was in the same Class as was Ryan Pritchett in the 1992 Class at Sandusky HS. Learn a lot about Baseball with Barry Ziehm in his days too. Seeing results already now in Peck. They beat the Marlette Red Raiders in there Tournament a month ago in Marlette. They got a good team of there too. Chris has a good understanding of the game for the players to learn now. Seen that one too. Smart Baseball Man All The Way Around. Done a good job with Department. Keep it up for more in the Division 4 State Tournament coming up next week.

Go Peck Pirates Baseball Team & Program Coach Chris Babcock…………..

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