Chris Babcock Is Working With The 14U 2021 Peck Pirates Baseball Team.

Chris Babcock is working with the 2021 Peck Pirates 14U Peck Pirates Baseball Team right now. Working on there development for the High School Baseball Level in the upcoming years. Saw them play on Monday Night against the Brown City Green Devils at Peck HS. Chris is a good Baseball minded Coach all the way around. Sterling Sarnac is lucky to have a good Baseball Coach at Peck right now to help this program & team out. Good Baseball Knowledges & other stuff as well too. Understands the Game of Baseball very well. Players respect Chris Babcock very well. Making a difference for them now in Peck. Good core of them now on that 14U squad once again. Chris knows how to develop those guys to be good players in High School in the upcoming years in Peck. Impressive Coaching Skills for sure. Knows a lot about Baseball. Players understand his stuff very well. Won a lot of games because of Chris Babcock. Great Baseball Coach they got now in Peck.

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