Ethan Marshall Is A Good Left-Handed Pitcher For The Marlette Red Raiders Baseball Team.

Ethan Marshall had a good 2021 campaign on the mound for the Marlette Red Raiders Baseball Team for Head Coach Dave Hayden in 2021 as a Junior. Got one more year to go for Ethan in 2022. Going to be a Senior in 2 more months from now at Marlette HS. Good Left-Handed Pitcher on this team now. Love to have a Left-Handed Pitcher on the mound anyways. Throws a lot of good junk pitches & throws pretty hard too. Lefties are hard to hit out there in all of Baseball. Develop very nicely indeed. Hard working individual guy each & everyday at practices & games. Dedicated at playing this sport. Loves to compete with the best of them. Good mindset of stuff. Goes at it all the time. Stay focus on task. Push yourself to the limit. Give it all you got out there & go at it 110% at practices & games. Believe in everyone else. Drive yourself to be the best you can be each time down. Ethan was difference on this remarkable State Tournament Run in 2021 for the Marlette Red Raiders Baseball Team. 1st time in School & Program History to win a Regional Title. Go to the Division 4 Semifinals at MSU in East Lansing on Friday & lose to the Kalamazoo Hackett 11-1. Bring back memories in the future years coming up too. They will have a good 2022 squad for the Marlette Red Raiders Baseball Team. Got a lot of them coming back from this squad in 2021. Look out for Ethan Marshall on the mound in 2022. Good Pitching Skills I saw in the 2 games I covered out there anyways. Congratulations on a good 2021 campaign.

Go Marlette Red Raiders Baseball Team LHP Ethan Marshall……….

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