Kyle Sweeney Is A Good Competitor For The Ubly Bearcats In The Class Of 2022.

Kyle Sweeney is a good competitor for the Ubly Bearcats in the Class of 2022. Good 3-Sport Athlete for them too. Football, Basketball, & Baseball. Hard working individual in Sports & also in the classroom. Smart individual guy all the way around in the classroom & also in sports. Listen to details very well. Well liked by everyone in the Ubly Community. Listens to his teachers, school administrators, coaches, parents, friends, teammates, & everyone else. Kyle is a true winner overall. Been impressive on what he has done for himself. True winner on & off the field. Goes about his business at everything he does for himself. Staying busy on things he needs to get done at once. Played on the Back 2 Back Division 8 District & Regional Champions & Semifinal Appearances in Football. Went to the Division 8 State Championship Game on January 22nd at Ford Field in Detroit & lose to the Centreville Bulldogs 22-0. Played DB on the Football Team on Defense this past year. On the GTCE Division & Division 4 District Championship Team in Boys Basketball in 2021. Good Baseball Player also too. Pitches & Plays SS. Bill Sweeney, Eric Sweeney, Branden Sorenson, & James Becker have been fans of Kyle Sweeney since Day 1 he arrived in Sports in School. Looking forward to covering his Sporting Events in the 2021-22 campaign for the Ubly Bearcats. Going to be a Senior at Ubly HS next month. I am excited to covering his Sporting Events & get to met him at some places too. Wherever I get to see him at too. Michigan Wolverines Sports Fan as well too. Dedicated year round guy now.

Go Ubly Bearcats Class Of 2022 Kyle Sweeney…….. Excited To Watching Him Play In The 2021-22 Campaign……….

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