2021 Cincinnati Bearcats Football Team Has Been Unbelievable All Season Long………

2021 Cincannti Bearcats Football Team has been unbelievable all season long. 11-0 on the campaign. Got a 48-14 victory over the SMU Mustangs Last Saturday at home. Luke Fickell is one of the 10 best College Football Head Coaches in the nation right now. No. 4 in the College Football Playoff Rankings this week. Luke told his players stay focus & do your job at all times. Go from there on out. Get ready to play your opponent this week you are playing on the schedule. Go at it 110% each & everyday at practices & games. Have a good mindset of that one too. Worry about this week. Don’t listen to the College Football Experts saying out there anyways. Just do your job & go from there on out. Best victory of the 2021 season was against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish on 10/2 at Notre Dame Stadium in South Bend, IN 24-13 road win. Tough place to play at Notre Dame on Saturday’s in the fall. Cincinnati got the job done right in that Notre Dame Game in South Bend. Start 0-0 this week at practice & game. That is the mindset of that one moving forward to 2021 campaign is over. Finish the regular season in the right way this week. Keep playing the Jim Tressel Defense, Urban Meyer Offense, & Gary Moeller Aggressive Play Calling for the reminder of the season now in Cincinnati. Go for the drive for it all. Keep building on victories. Go from there on out. Luke Fickell is the right man for this job as Head Coach in Cincinnati. Go from a 4-8 record in 2017. Have winning seasons 4 straight years in a row now. That is building a program he has bought in now. That is why, there 11-0 on the campaign. Players & Coaches working together as a unit. Leading to success & wins on the column. Making the right moves for everyone else on the roster now. Good College Football Head Coach They Got Now In Cincinnati……..

Go 2021 Cincinnati Bearcats Football Team Head Coach Luke Fickell…………..

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