Kelton Bukoski Nice Game In The Lost To The Ubly Bearcats At Home………

Kelton Bukoski had a nice game for the Sandusky Redskins Boys Basketball Team Last Wednesday Night in the lost to the Ubly Bearcats at home. Had 8 3-Pointers in the lost at home. Made a nice transition from JV to Varsity now. Head Coach Tristan Pennington is proud of what Kelton has done for himself now & everyone else on the team. He is a Junior this season at Sandusky HS. On the undefeated JV squad a year ago for the Sandusky Redskins as a Sophomore. Needs to get stronger in the off-season & get in the weightroom this spring & summer & fall time. If he hits the weightroom hard he can take his game to another level next season. Work on some things moving forward to the season come along. Showing me good impressions in 2 games I cover out there. Good Basketball Skills He Brings To The Table Now. Good Sophomore & Junior Core in the program now in Sandusky. More work to do yet. Other guys need to step up for the remainder of the season now in Sandusky.

Go Sandusky Redskins Boys Basketball Team Class Of 2023 Kelton Bukoski………….

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