Robert Saleh Solid Job As Head Coach For The New York Jets Football Team…….


Robert Saleh done a good job as Head Coach for the New York Jets Football Team in his 2nd season at the helm. 5-2 on the season now. 2 losses where to the Baltimore Ravens on 9/11 24-9 & Cincinnati Bengals 27-12 on 9/25 both of them where at home. Now on a 4-game winning streak. Do very well on the road. Get a 16-9 road win on Sunday at the Mile High City in Denver. Got lots of good young talent on display now in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Good with the young talent on the roster. Seeing that one on display now. DC for the San Francisco 49ers Football Team with Head Coach Kyle Shanahan in Santa Clara, CA. Went to Super Bowl 54 & lose to the Kansas City Chiefs 30-20 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, FL. Coaching makes a difference in people’s lives. Coaches Wins Games also too. See that one happen in the past & present years in sports period. Change there lives around. Robert is the right one available for this position. Gave to the keys to him & seeing lots of improvements & other ones too on display. Changing the culture now. Good mindset of that stuff. Make the right call & call the right plays for this unit. Players love his enthusiasm & excitement for the New York Jets Football Team & Organization. Got mentor with the best of them. See those young players shine in the biggest stage. NFL Draft Picks have been unbelievable in the last few years. More to play for yet still to come for this squad. Not satisfied with any outcome of any game you played in now….. Keep improving as a team & individuals as well too. Keep that trend coming for the rest of the year…… Be on the go for more to come yet for now on period…….. Keep up the good work & good things will come yet still to come for the New York Jets Football Team………



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    1. I talk about sports period. Not these things at all period……

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