Rob Metzler Now The Vice President & Assistant GM For The Detroit Tigers ⚾ Team….


Rob Metzler is a good hire as Vice President & Assistant GM for the Detroit Tigers ⚾ Team in the Front Office Department on Monday Morning. Good track record with the Tampa Bay Rays Front Office in his 15 years at the helm. Did very well with the prospects & MLB Draft Picks in there time being there. Detroit has been better with there MLB Draft Picks in the last 5 years with Manager Ron Gardenhire in 2018-20 & now AJ Hinch in 2021-present. Like the one Al Avila made out there with the 2 Manager Hires in his time being there as GM in Detroit. Tampa Bay Rays went to the postseason a lot of times while he was there. 2 American League Championship Titles & 2 World Series Appearances in 2008 & 2020. Lose to the Philadelphia Phillies & Los Angeles Dodgers ⚾ Team respectively. I do like the way Owner Chris Illitch is cleaning house now. Comerica Park in Detroit will be packing that place up once again now in the future years ahead of them anyways. I did like the other hire as well too Scott Harris as President of Operations for this organization as well too a month ago.



Scott Harris loves this hire of Rob Metzler from the Tampa Bay Rays ⚾ Team Front Office. Both of them will make good moves for the Detroit Tigers ⚾ Team in the upcoming years. Keep developing the prospects they got now in store. I did like the MLB Draft Picks in the last 5 years. Keep working with these players in the Farm System for the upcoming years ahead of time now. I did like Ron Gardenhire with the players in his tenure there in 2018-20 as Manager for this Ball Club. Teach them how to play the game the right way. Same thing with AJ Hinch good with the young players in the roster. Keep working with them for more years to come yet now. Scott Harris was hired a month ago as President of Operations for this Ball Club. What he did with the San Francisco Giants ⚾ Team in his time being there. Credit Chris Illtch cleaning house & hire good outside Front Office guys from 2 Ball Clubs for the San Francisco Giants & Tampa Bay Rays ⚾ Team respectively. Hiring outside of the system guys to Detroit. Positive one we want now in store. Needed outside Front Office guys in the Detroit Tigers ⚾ Team Organization. Do got talent in the Farm System & keep developing them right & stay ahead of schedule.




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