Al DeMott 800th Career Win In His 43 Years As Head Coach For The Sandusky Wolves Girls Basketball Team…….

Al DeMott got his 798 career win on January 6th, 2023 against the USA Patriots at USA HS in GTC Crossover Action. 11 days later gets his 800th career win against the Ubly Bearcats at Ubly HS Last Tuesday Night in GTCE Division Action. 43 years as Head Coach for the Sandusky Wolves Girls Basketball & Program. Legendary Player & Coach. BCAM Hall of Fame. 68 years old. 1973 Sandusky HS Graduated. Awesome individual guy overall in the community. Humble Guy. Awesome respect to everyone else. Good Basketball Mindset. Got the name of the Basketball Court at Sandusky HS Gym. Awesome Administrators support Al DeMott in the past years. Andrew Atkins, James Nolan, Mark Hund, Mike Phillips, Fred Hicks, John Guttowsky, Jon Miller, Paul Flynn, & Steven Carlson. These individuals gave Al support thru out his career in Sandusky. AD in that School. Had good Assistant Coaches Ray Lee, Tom Daunt, Ken Green, Janet Gleason, Jennifer Taege, Kurt Long, Lynn Staples, Ken Kelley, Daryl Blank, & other ones. Art Pelzer & Jim Petteys good friends in the past years for the Frankenmuth Eagles Girls Basketball Team as Head Coach. So many awesome supporters in that community. Al does wonderful things in the Sandusky Community. Win 801 wins in 43 years at one place. Amazing stuff to talk about now. Done great work in that time span. Win with Dignity & Class. Go from there on out. Stay busy as a AD & Coach. Impressive work for sure. Always remember the Legendary Head Coach in Sandusky.



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