Brad “Bullet” Baker Big Motorcycle Fan…….

Brad “Bullet” Baker is a Motorcycle Guy. Grew up on those toys as a child in Seattle. Liked watching Nicky Hayden race Flat Track & SuperBikes in the past years. From Kentucky. Died in the Summer of 2017. Riding Bike on the road. Got hit by a car. Well liked by everyone else across the whole world. Nicky was a big Honda Motorcycle Fan. Rode those Honda CBR’s Crotch Rockets at the SuperBike Races. Brad’s wife Kelcey is a big Honda Motorcycle Fan. She lived on & die on Motorcycles like Brad. Brad got in a horrific accident at the 2018 Summer X-Games at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. Got paralyzed in that horrific accident he was in. That Helmet saved his life. Credit his wife on a job well done for saving his life. She is a Nurse. Smart individual lady. His Father in Law Mike Stauffer is a big Motorcycle Guy. Mike does a good job with those Motorcycles at his job. I didn’t like the No Motorcycle Helmet law they made out there in 2012 in Michigan. Poor decision by those legislators. They need to get a petition get back to the Motorcycle Helmet Laws in Michigan. Brad was at BikeWeek in Daytona Beach last week. Saw the SuperBike Race at Daytona Beach International Speedway.  Brad is a good inspiration to everyone else across the world we live in now. Winner on & off the race track. Win with Dignity & Class. Raised very & had really good parents. Help him succeed in the future years coming now. Super nice guy. Joins the Stauffer Family. Lives in the moment of motorcycles. Favorite one he like the most. So does his wife Kelcey. Live in Lapeer. Good approach of good ideas he does for himself…….



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