Vegas Golden Knights 🏒 Team 2023 Stanley Cup Champions……

Vegas Golden Knights 🏒 Team win there 1st ever Stanley Cup Championship 🏆 Title in Franchise History. Get a 9-3 win in Game 5 to clinch there 1st ever one in front of your home crowd on hand in this game on Tuesday Night.  Been the 1st expansion team to play in the 2018 Stanley Cup Finals. Lose to Alexander Ovechkin & Washington Capitals. 2nd Stanley Cup Appearance. Made that one count for everyone else in attendance watching them finish the deal. Las Vegas was a busy night. Bring back that moment for a long time coming now. They learned from the 1st appearance & carry that one over to there 2nd appearance. Finish the deal the right way for everyone else too. One shining moment for the 2023 Vegas Golden Knights 🏒 Team. Fun Tuesday Night to remember forever now & never forgotten about that one too…….



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