Placido Polanco Good All-Around Baseball Player……..

Placido Polanco is a good all-around Baseball player in the MLB. Worth watching him play in a Detroit Tigers uniform. Wasn’t power hitter. Good at hitting ground ball & line drive base hits. Getting base. Use the whole field & spray the ball around to direction. Good fielding 2nd baseman. Good mindset of that stuff in his recipe. Score runs for this ball club. Good journeyman in the MLB. Good team player. Win at the end of the game. Good student of the game all the way around. Just do your job. Go for it all. Took some walks as well too. Dedicated individual guy year round. Good competitor at practices & games. Winner on & off the playing field. Lead by a good example. Make the right decisions for everyone else on the team. Lot of people love watching Placido Polanco play in the past years in a Old English D uniform. Good one to have on the Ball Club. Smart Baseball Player. Hit for average. Other will follow up. You want Placido on your team. Amazing hand & eye coordination. See the ball travel to the plate. Didn’t miss on those pitches. Find ways to get on. Follow, Placido’s suit. Get him home scoring. Remember him at Comerica Park in Detroit…….



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