AJ Hinch Has Done A Good Job With The Rebuilding Department For The 2021 Detroit Tigers Baseball Team.

AJ Hinch has done a good job with the Rebuilding Department for the 2021 Detroit Tigers Baseball Team. 19-30 on the season now. Got them ahead of schedule once again. Just like Ron Gardenhire did for that Ball Club in the last 3 years as Managers. Good Starting Pitching right now on this team. Hitting & Bullpen is not very good. They are competitive team no matter what people say about this team. Going for it 110% at practices & games. GM Al Avila has made another good Manager hire once again. Ron Gardenhire in 2017 & AJ Hinch in 2020. Go from one good Manager to another good Manager for the Detroit Tigers Baseball Team. Ron was good with the young players on the team & so is AJ as well too. 3 good MLB Draft Picks in the last 3 years. We will get another good MLB Draft Pick in 2021 coming up in Detroit. Good Minor League Teams in the Farm System right now. Good Prospects also too. AJ is the right man for this job as Manager of the Detroit Tigers Baseball Team. Future is bright for this Ball Club at Comerica Park in Detroit. AJ is doing a good job with that one now as Manager. Staying ahead of that one too. Go from Point A to Point B. One good direction to another good direction for this Organization in the upcoming years. Got good young talent already coming for sure. Keep on working hard each & everyday as Manager of this team now in Detroit.

Go Detroit Tigers Baseball Manager AJ Hinch……….

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