Matt Ganley Gotten Better At Golf After HS…….

Matt Ganley got fortunate enough to play for the Greatest HS Golf Coach of all-times in Sanilac County History. Dennis Seifferlein was a Great Golf Coach for the CPS Tigers in 1987-06. On the 1999-02 squad for the CPS Tigers. Nice golf swing. Learn that stuff from the best of them. Scott got him good lessons. Dennis’s Son. His Brother Paul was the 2nd best Golfer in School History. 2006 CPS HS Graduated. Be on the 2 best squads in 2003 & 2004 for Dennis Seifferlein. 2003 squad won there 2nd Regional Title in School History at Verona Hills Golf Course in Bad Axe. Played alongside Kevin Callahan, Greg Johnson, & Andrew Bopra in the Class of 2005. Good bunch of individuals. I remember his cousin Tim Wrathell drove the green on the island Par 4 12th hole at Woodland Hills Golf Course in Sandusky at a HS Golf Practice in 1996. Also remember him get a Hole in One at a HS Golf Practice in 1994 on the Island 17th Hole his Freshman year in HS at Woodland Hills Golf Course in Sandusky. With a 9-iron in his hand. Matt doing very well for himself now. His Dad Jim owns the Carsonville Party Store. Help out Dennis Seifferlein with the CPS Tigers Golf Team for a while. Dennis taught him good stuff about the game of golf & other ones. Greatest HS Golf HS Coach of all-times in Sanilac County History. Amazing Golf Knowledges. Playing alongside with his Dad at the 2023 Huron Shores 2-Man Invitational last week in Port Sanilac. Matt is the 2003 CPS HS Graduated. Loves playing the game of golf. Having fun with that sport. Good competitor playing this game he likes a lot while he was a child playing. Showing that one on display. Showcasing his skills last week in Port Sanilac. Enjoys this sport a lot. Showing me & everyone else good impressions. It wasn’t for Dennis Seifferlein he wouldn’t be in this situations he is in now. Good mindset of ideas he does out there. Seeing his improvements along the way now. Dedication got him to where he is at now. Stayed home after College. Live in the CPS Area for his whole entire life. His 2 daughters to the Cros-Lex School District right now. Very nice guy.



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