Blake Corum Had A Nice Showing At The 2024 NFL Draft Combine Workouts….

Blake The Great

Had a nice showing at the 2024 NFL Draft Combine Workouts over the weekend at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. One of the 18 Michigan Wolverines 🏈 Team Invites to this event.

Had a good 4 years at RB for the Michigan Wolverines 🏈 Team in 2020-23. Having the privilege to play for Head Coach Jim Harbaugh in Ann Arbor. I remember watching him score his 1st TD run of his career on πŸŽƒ against the Michigan State Spartans at The Big House in Ann Arbor in 2020. Lose 27-24 in that contest. Score his final TD run of his career against the Washington Huskies in the College 🏈 Playoff National Championship Game on January 8th, 2024. Beat the Huskies 34-13 at NRG Stadium in Houston. School Record 58 TD runs in his amazing 4 years. Broke Anthony Thomas rushing TD record in the 110th 🌹 Bowl Game on New Years Day in Pasadena, CA. Beat the Alabama Crimson Tide 27-20 in OT.

In the 2020 Recruiting Class. Showcase his impressive skills against Miami Columbus in his Senior year in HS. Watch him play on ESPN HS 🏈 Game on the road. Get a victory over a good team. Had a good business trip to South Beach. Got the victory in that game. It was in 2019. His Dad took him to school everyday in Baltimore. Go from Marshall, VA to Baltimore, MD. James owned a landscaping business nearby Baltimore. When school closes down in 2020. Blake stayed busy working with his dad on the landscaping business. Stay active on his stuff. Keep the drive rolling. Stay in excellent shape as well too. Keep pushing the buttons on. During the COVID-19 Pandemic was going on during that time being in 2020.

His hard work & dedication got him to were he is at now. Good common sense things. Go do what got you here the 1st place. Go from there on out. Stay focus on task. Do the right thing for everyone else. Be smart & decisive about that stuff. You can rely on Blake Corum. He is a winner on & off the playing field.

Have a good NFL career in 2024-present. Tough individual guy to have on the roster. Set a good example for everyone else to. Win with dignity & class. Knows what it takes to win at the end of the day. He is reliable person to have on a good NFL team in the upcoming years ahead.

Build a good Michigan Wolverines 🏈 Legacy already. Wants to build a good NFL Legacy in the upcoming years ahead. Good person to have out there anyways. Smart individual guy on & off the playing field. Speed & Power at the RB position. Going to be a good NFL RB.

Credit RB’s Coach Mike Hart on a job well done in his development in the last 3 years in Ann Arbor. Made a good difference for Blake during that time being. Making things interesting for everyone else on the roster. Saw what happens you give him the 🏈 & he does the rest of his work while the 🏈 in his hands. Knows what he is doing with that one. They won 40 games in that 3-year span.

Score a TD run for Zak Zinter against the Ohio State Buckeyes on November 25th, 2023. Zak Zinter got hurt the play before. Blake wanted to make a good impression & score on the next play. Did that one. Took a 24-17 lead over the Scarlet & Gray. Got a 30-24 win on Thanksgiving Weekend. Beat the Ohio State Buckeyes 3 years in a row.

Won the next 3 games without their stud OG Zak Zinter. Iowa Hawkeyes 26-0 in the 2023 B1G Conference 🏈 Championship Game at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Alabama Crimson Tide in the 110th 🌹 Bowl Game on New Years Day in Pasadena, CA. Get a 27-20 OT win. Finish the season up with a 34-13 route over the Washington Huskies in the College 🏈 Playoff National Championship Game on January 8th, 2024 at NRG Stadium in Houston, TX.

Thunder & Lightning RB duo in Hassan Haskins & Blake Corum in 2021. 55 yard run against the Ohio State Buckeyes in the 3rd Quarter. Setup Hassan Haskins 2nd TD run of the game. 21-13. Final score was 42-27 upset win over the Scarlet & Gray. Hassan Haskins had 5 TD runs in his final home game in a Maize & Blue uniform. Tied the school record with Ron Johnson. On September 17th, 2022. Blake Corum join Ron Johnson & Hassan Haskins. Blake had 5 TD runs of his own against the UConn Huskies in a 59-0 route at home.

Blake was having a good game against the Illinois Fighting Illini on November 19th, 2022. Suffered a injury in the 2nd Quarter. Survived a scare also too. Get a 19-17 win. Jake Moody GW FG for the Maize & Blue. Blake gave it a try against the Ohio State Buckeyes on the road. Didn’t work out. Donovan Edwards was the difference in that game. 215 rushing yards & 2 TD runs in the 4th Quarter from 75 & 85 yards out respectively. Get a 45-23 win over the Scarlet & Gray on the road in Columbus on November 26th, 2022. Blake is a good supporter & a good team player. Trust him on & off the playing field. Win at the end of the day in practices & games.

Doing NIL things on selling Turkeys during Thanksgiving πŸ¦ƒ time. Did that one in 2022. Going to Ypsilanti selling Turkeys to other people on November 20th, 2022. Giving them a good hand to Blake Corum to succeed in other things he wants to do after his NFL playing days are over. Trust his good ideas.


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